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MEETING RECAP: Advanced Mobility Roadshow

While Silicon Valley is an amazing place for innovation, it isn't alone. There are clusters of innovation around the world, each one with its own character and specializations, often coming from the strengths of a long industrial history in a sector, or from government incentives, or from R&D expertise at local institutions. Québec has all of those things, and is emerging as a powerful cluster for the automotive industry, with strengths in Batteries and Electrification, Trucking and Transportation within specialized industry verticals, Connected Vehicles and technology.


One key reason Québec has grown strength in the Batteries and Electrification sector of transport boils down to a relative advantage in the key input, electricity. With a massive amount of the world's fresh water pushing hydroelectric turbines, Quebec has some of the cleanest energy, & cheapest electricity prices in the western world, around 7 cents per kWh. Naturally, sales of EVs are strong here.


But strengths are relative, and neighboring Windsor, Ontario, due to its proximity to Detroit, developed an early lead in Canadian car manufacturing. This meant Quebec needed to specialize elsewhere. This is why Quebec has such strength in the "everything else" category of transportation and mobility: Trains, planes, trucks, buses, equipment, and scooters are all mature industries in Quebec, with big names like Bombardier or Prevost. Québec has taken that experience, and meshed it with their electrical advantages, to put it at the front of the biggest trend in transport & mobility.


So, it made natural sense for the Autotech Council to work with this group from Quebec on their mission to connect with the members of our Council. For that, we assembled in a virtual conference on July 7, and were treated to over a dozen, very tight & well delivered, 5-minute Rapid Fire Pitches. We kicked it off with some casual discussion about the region's strengths, and we discussed how Quebec is on East coast USA time, has easy connection to all of North America, has ample experience in international collaborations, and is 100% capable of doing business in English.


To summarize the rapid fires would be difficult. Propulsion Québec, the local organization that interconnects these innovators, gathered up a wide range of companies, from early-stage startups, to the much more mature Leddartech. We saw solutions for AI, greenification, municipal vehicles, public transit, battery recycling, trucking, boating, LIDAR, and more.


The Autotech Council encourages our members to connect and follow-up with any of the presenters that could be potential partners or vendors. As usual, all of the presentations have been categorized, tagged, and uploaded to our Member Library.

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