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MEETING RECAP: Autonomous Vehicles

In mid-April, the Autotech Council put on our annual Autonomous Vehicles meeting, in collaboration with The Telecom Council and sponsors Intel, Rhode and Schwartz, and Planet M. We gathered in the auditorium at Western Digital, who provide storage solutions that are critical to these smart cars. This meeting is one of our most popular ones each year, and our attendance reached just under 300 delegates, who took in the presentations, looked at the demos, the demo cars, and used our ample networking breaks to make valuable contacts.


The topics of the meeting included a great overview of the current state of Self-Driving vehicles, done by Jeffrey Hannah of SBD automotive. We heard from Patti Robb, Head of Intel's Silicon Valley Innovation Center on Intel/Mobileye thoughts about the shift in processing in the autonomous car, and Mark Grace SVP at Western Digital, regarding the surging demands for storage in modern cars.


Our panel discussion centered around the changes that self-driving bring to the classic automotive supply chain. A shift to CASE cars - Connected, Autnomous, Shared, and Electrified - means that a host of new vendors may be needed, and conventional automotive suppliers need to hustle to secure a spot in the new supply chain.


As always, our meeting featured a rapid-fire pitch session with a number of startups presenting their innovative technologies in a quick 5 minute window. We heard from a number of entrepreneurs who deliver, support, or benefit from the notion of automation in vehicles. To seem many of our startups, you can tune into web TV station, The Cube, which interviewed a number of our speakers after they left the stage. The first presentation is our own Chairman, Derek Kerton, who discusses the recent autonomous car fatalities, and the lessons learned. Also the nexus of automotive innovation and Silicon Valley. 



And for members who wish to see the powerpoint presentations, just drop into our Member's Library, located here.

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