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MEETING RECAP: Computer Vision & LA Auto Show Debrief

The Autotech Council held our final meeting of the year on Dec 14, at SRI’s beautiful auditorium. Our meeting focused on the topic of Computer Vision, which is so essential for autonomous driving, but also for ADAS, driver and cockpit awareness, Smart City and infrastructure.


The meeting kicked off with breakfast and demo tables in the lobby, featuring Algolux, Foresight, AEye, and Qelzal, and then we opened the session with an analyst presentation by Anand Joshi, Principal Analyst at Tractica. Anand laid the groundwork for a broad understanding of the space, as well as some forecasts.


Throughout the next panels and roundtables, there was ample discussion of the hot topics of:

  • Power budget for CV
  • Centralized or edge processing
  • Object detection vs. Intent detection
  • ADAS and full autonomy key differences
  • The value of CV inside the car, for safety and Infotainment, and UI


We followed the panel discussions with rapid pitches from 8 different innovators. That’s a lot of innovation to pack into an hour, so we rolled from that right into our lunch break…but still reconvened after lunch for one parting gift: Auto Journalist Charlie Vogelheim treated us to a 40-minute re-cap of his entire visit to the LA Auto show Automobility. Charlie scoured the show for news and trends, and related them to our audience, with help from our Chairman Derek Kerton, who also attended the LA show.


All these presentations are available in the Member Library. The Autotech Council wishes you all a great end-of-year, and we’ll see you in 2019.

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