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20190211 Recap Fleets

MEETING RECAP: Next Generation Fleets

In the cold of February, the Autotech Council held our meeting on Next Gen Fleets, a meeting looking at the impact of autonomy, electrification, ADAS, and connectivity on fleets. Our meeting was hosted by auto parts supplier Samsung at their San Jose facility.


Our meeting began with a welcome from host Samsung, who looked into the future via the lens of their portfolio of solutions. Then we were treated to an analyst view from Gary Silberg from KPMG, who offered their research into future mobility. In particular, Gary showed us slides of regional mobility including use of shared car fleets, and retail trips of consumers. KPMG related the effective range of consumers to a variety of retail products like cars and household goods, and included brick and mortar like Costco, Walmart, and Target. Urban retail trips, said Gary, were likely to be disrupted by fleets of autonomous delivery bots.


Synapse Partners Evangelos Simoudis gave us a view into the new value chain for fleet-based on demand mobility. His predictions included a number of multi-mode options, and public/private partnership structures that will be highly varied depending on the region.


Our panel discussion featured Peleton Technology, ORBCOMM, and ChargePoint, and they discussed the shifting role of the human element in autonomous fleets of the future. Humans play a wider variety of roles beyond just driving the vehicles, and so current solutions focus on ADAS, and longer-term, new opportunities may emerge for doing (former driver's) Roles As A Service. For example:

  • cleaning
  • brake check
  • loading/unloading
  • fueling
  • chain installation


After our break, we had our usual energetic roster of innovation rapid-fire presentations which are available to members on the Member Library.

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