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Innovation executives across the auto industry gather monthly to meet new companies, discover new technologies, exchange ideas, and build stronger relationships with other people who are pushing the industry forward.

Face-to-face meetings and introductions are the core of the Autotech Council. Members meet the second Friday of every month at member facilities around the San Francisco bay area. Normally, these meetings are closed to the public and the press, but several times each year we invite non-members who are building innovations for the auto industry to participate. 

Meetings range from small groups of 10 tightly focused auto manufacturer representatives to 75 engineers, business development, and strategy professionals working on a segment like infotainment or safety. Regardless of a meeting's size, each one brings together the companies who are building cars with companies and people who are creating the industry's future.

There are several ways to participate in a meeting:

• Join the Autotech Council and gain access to all Autotech Council meetings for a year - free of charge.
• Register for a fee to participate in topic specific meetings which are open to the public.
• Companies with meeting facilities in the San Francisco Bay Area, may host an Autotech Council meeting.
• We are always looking for speakers - if you have a new technology or product we will get you on an agenda.
• Companies wanting to influence the topic of an agenda, should consider a meeting sponsorship.
• Startups ready to demo their products or services are welcome on most agendas as well - free of charge.

To make sure you get invited to Autotech Council meetings in the future, add yourself to our invitation list right away.

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