Personal introductions via pre-arranged, private, 15-minute meetings are facilitated by Autotech Council's Matchmaker Meeting Service.


Whether virtual or in-person, Autotech Council's MatchMaker service is available at select meetings where part of the agenda is dedicated to introductions, technology discovery, and partnership development.

MatchMaker users set their profiles and preferences in advance of the meeting day, and use our online tool to accept, request, decline, and schedule meetings with other people who have signed up. Meetings generally run 10 to 15 minutes, depending on whether they take place online on in-person, and can include multiple representatives from each company around a table or in a virtual meeting room.

The result is a series of meaningful introductions over concise, private meetings in a short time. On average, delegates who use our MatchMaker service get more introductions and more continuing conversations than they expected. 


Taking networking beyond the serendipitous, Autotech Council's MatchMaker Service encourages delegates to plan their networking strategy and focus on those companies who are best placed to move their business goals forward. The system automatically selects mutually convenient times to meet and, when confirmed, automatically allocates a location for the meeting, whether a physical table or a video link. With built-in messaging available before and after the event, the face-to-face meetings commence without pre-amble and follow-up is easy.

  • Fill your schedule in advance with back-to-back meetings
  • Filter companies to find the right technology match
  • Filter people to find the right partnership match
  • Include extra people from your company to move the conversation forward more quickly
  • Take advantage of extra information to be better prepared for each meeting
  • Continue conversations post-event via the portal


A well phrased elevator speech, succinct product profiles, photos and images, all contribute to introduce your innovation prior to the event. An intuitive interface makes setting up profiles easy and effective.

  • Profiles are set up prior to the MatchMaking event and can be reviewed and updated as needed
  • Add personal details, including photo so that prospective partners can recognize you
  • Add company profile, including logo, descriptions, keywords for meaningful matches
  • Add product profiles, include images, descriptions, development stage, market segment for focused conversations
  • MatchMaking takes place online over 2 weeks before the meeting day, with the majority of meetings scheduled the week before. Companies can field multiple delegates, request a specific meeting time, and requests may be accepted, declined, rescheduled or waitlisted, dependent on your individual goals.


Advanced Mobility Roadshow, July 7, 2020
Propulsion Québec, along with the governments of Québec and Canada, are proud to introduce 15 innovative companies and startups on the cutting edge of mobility.

Science Fair 2020, October 12, 2020 *REGISTRATION OPEN*
Autotech Council members and tech companies exhibit in a show-and-tell format that spotlights the latest in mobility innovation.

November Startup Review, sponsored by UK DIT, November 12, 2020 *REGISTRATION OPEN - MEMBER ONLY*
This month we partner with UK's Department for International Trade to bring 10 innovative young mobility companies to Silicon Valley for a virtual trade mission with rapid fire presentations and private followup meetings.