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Executive Committee

The Autotech Council is directed by its members and sponsors, but first and foremost its Executive members. The Executive Committee is responsible for making sure that the Council is delivering value to the communities of innovators, investors and members who rely on that innovation.

The Executive Committee is made up of representatives of auto OEMs who have shown initiative in discovering and supporting innovation in the auto industry. Any automotive manufacturer who is a member of the Autotech Council may take a seat on this committee, as long as:

  • Members of the Executive Committee actively scout new companies, technologies, and products for applications in the auto industry.
  • Executive Committee delegates are highly knowledgeable of both the needs of the auto companies and those of the startups and their VCs.
  • The Executive Committee meets in-person a few mornings each year to decide on topics and speakers to invite.
  • Members of the Executive Committee understand that sharing and collaborating on ideas, startup companies, and new technologies with the rest of the ecosystem helps each of us and our industry - including entrepreneurs, vendors, auto makers, and ultimately the consumer.